Explore Charlottesville

There is plenty to do and see in Charlottesville, Virginia! From the UNESCO World Heritage sites Monticello and the University of Virginia campus, to Shenandoah National Park and scenic Virginia vineyards, there’s so much to explore. Named as one of the happiest town’s in America (National Bureau of Economic Research, 2014), a top ten in America’s favorite mountain towns (Travel + Leisure, 2014), and the number one college town in America (Traveler’s Today, 2014), Charlottesville has many treats to offer. Come experience Thomas Jefferson’s ideal city, Virginia’s most delectable food and drink, and the unique charm of this “small town-city” during your time at the Festival.

For an even more complete list, check out the Charlottesville and Albemarle tourism website at http://www.visitcharlottesville.org/.