We've got exciting and continually updated podcasts and interviews with our visiting guests each year at the Festival. Scroll down to see this year's interviews and listen in!

Our first podcast of this year’s festival is with our own Jody Kielbasa and Wesley Harris, the Director and head Programmer of the Festival. Listen to them speak on WNRN’s Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call here!

Writer and director Damian Lahey speaks about his new film The Heroes of Arvine Place, which will screen Saturday, November 8, 2014. Listen here! For more information, see the Charlottesville Podcasting Network website.

Actor Paul Wilson talks with Sean McCord about how his participation in Big Stone Gap helped him and his brother Patrick Wilson reconnect with a Southwest Virginia ancestor.  Big Stone Gap screens tonight at the Paramount Theater. Listen here! For more information, see the Charlottesville Podcasting Network website.

University of Virginia fourth year student Alex Rafala talks with Sean McCord about his film Farewell Old Stringy, a short film made in Charlottesville that tells the story of a funeral for an imaginary friend. How do short films like this get made? Alex clues us in. His work will debut on Sunday at 1:30 at the Dickinson Center at the Piedmont Virginia Community College. Listen here!

Documentary filmmaker Eduardo Montes Bradley speaks with Sean McCord on his films on poet Rita Dove and civil rights pioneer Julian Bond. Montes Bradley’s documentaries on the pair “confronts the audience with a unique opportunity to observe the 20th century through the eyes of two of its key witnesses.” They will screen Saturday at 1:00 at the Downtown Regal and will be followed by a discussion with Bond and Dove. Listen here!

Documentary filmmaker Richard Robinson speaks with Sean McCord on his film Song of the Cicadas. Based on an idea from David Rothenberg’s Bug Music, Song of the Cicadas explores the metaphors evoked in comparing the incarceration of American Political Prisoner Timothy Blunk (Resistance Conspiracy Case) with the 17 year period spent underground of the Magicicada. Filmed in an historic prison during a Cicada emergence, Song of the Cicadas forms a poetic critique on the politics of incarceration and the surveillance aspects of media. Listen here!

Documentary filmmaker and musician Beth Harrington talks about her film “The Winding Stream”, a look at the original Carter Family and how they transformed to the Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle. Johnny Cash makes one of his last appearances in the film, mere weeks before his death. This is a story about music, family, and with deep roots in Virginia. The film will screen at the Dickenson Center at Piedmont Virginia Community College on Saturday at 7:45 pm. Listen here! 

In 2006, four young African-American lesbians in a gay-friendly neighborhood of New York City are violently and sexually threatened by an aggressive man on the street. They react in self-defense, stabbing the persistent man, warranting charges and court convictions. Director Blair Dorosh-Walther and producer Giovanna Chesler talk about their film “Out in the Night” with CPN’s Sean McCord. Together they take a look at the lives of the four women convicted of manslaughter and the media circus that surrounded the “Gang of Killer Lesbians.” The film will be shown Saturday November 8th at 5:00 p.m. at the Regal 1 theatre on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall. Listen here!

Virginia native Christopher C. Rogers is the co-creator of Halt and Catch Fire, a television show that captures the rise of the PC era in the early 1980′s. Rogers talks with Sean McCord about how the show went from idea to airing on AMC. The pilot will screen tonight at 7:30 pm at the Downtown Regal followed by a discussion. Listen here!

Jeff Preiss is the director of Low Down, a feature about the life of a 1970′s era jazz pianist who puts his heroin addiction and music ahead of his daughter. The film is based on the memoir of the same name as Amy-Jo Albany. Preiss talks with Sean McCord about why he made the picture and what he loves about making movies. Listen here!

Connor Hurley is the director of  Skook, a film about a woman whose boyfriend leaves her to join the Occupy Wall Street movement. When she returns to spend the holidays in Schuykill County, Pennsylvania, and unexpectedly falls in love. Hurley talks with Sean McCord about how the film got made and what it means to him and his generation. Skook screens Sunday at 12:30 pm at the Downtown Regal. Listen here!

Producers and writers Giorgio Litt and Thom Canalichio and star Richard Warner talk to CPN’s Sean McCord about their short film Waking Marshall Walker, an exploration of life’s possibilities when all otherwise seems lost. The film screens as part of the Short Narrative Films program on Sunday at 1:30 PM in the PVCC Dickinson Center. For more information visit the Virginia Film Festival web site. Listen here!

Podcaster Sean McCord talks with Mitch Levine, director, writer, producer moderator, and festival consultant. In addition to all those hats, Mitch brought a short film that he directed, In Confidence, based on a short play developed at the world-renowned Actors Studio. In Confidence screens at 12:30 on Saturday, Nov. 8, at the Downtown Mall Regal 1 before the feature Karate Tango. Listen here! 

Erica Arvold is a local casting director and producer. CPN’s Sean McCord talked to Erica about a panel she is hosting on Saturday “ON FILMMAKING: Industry leaders and their approach in the Mid-Atlantic”, as well as a film she co-produced “Wish You Well” and the Adrenaline Film Festival. The event takes place at 11:00a.m. Saturday at 416 East Main Street on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall and is free and open to the public. Listen here!

CPN’s Sean McCord talks with Karen Spiegel, the producer of “Wish You Well”, a story about familial bonds and sacrifices in rural Virginia. From the novel and screenplay by Virginia writer David Baldacci. The film will be seen at 1:00pm, Saturday, Nov 8 at the PVCC Dickinson Center. Listen here!

Heather Waters is the president of the Virginia Production Alliance, an alliance of industry professionals that provides leadership and opportunity for the future of Virginia’s film and television community. Hear her talk about her panel from Saturday afternoon, “Frame It: The Future of Film, Television, and Media.” Listen here and read for more information here!

In this podcast, producer and Board Member Julie Lynn talks about her film 5 to 7, a romantic film starring Frank Langella and Glenn Close, directed by Victor Levin. Give a listen here. Head on over to Charlottesville Podcasting Network for more information.

Director Collin Schiffli and writer/actor David Dastmalchian stop by to talk about their film “Animals”. Inspired by Dastmalchian’s own struggle, the film tells the love story of a couple caged by their addictions on the streets of Chicago. Listen here! For more information, click here.

Documentary filmmaker NC Heikin talks to CPN’s Sean McCord about her new film Sound of Redemption: the Frank Morgan Story, an exploration of the life and music of the legendary but lost jazz musician. Listen here! Click here for more information.

Detroit filmmaker Ted Houser talks to CPN’s Sean McCord about “R. Stern” his short film about an Afghanistan war veteran who goes searching for a missing friend. The film screens as part of the Short Narrative Films program on Sunday at 1:30 PM in the PVCC Dickinson Center. Listen here!


Marco Orsini is an international documentary filmmaker. His latest work is “Gray Matters”, a look at 20th century architect Eileen Gray who changed the way we live with furniture and within houses. Gray Matters screens Saturday at 6:45 in UVA’s Newcomb Hall Theater. Listen here!