37th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL Oct 30-Nov 3, 2024

37th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL October 30-November 3, 2024

Short Films: Block C

Caecilia Image FINAL

This set of fantasy narrative shorts featuring all things spooky and creepy. Ghosts, demons, and other supernatural creatures take the starring role in these films.

Don’t Stare
2017. USA. 8 min. Director: Evan Sparks. Featuring: Rashaad Martin, Nicole Celine.

Jarod returns to an empty house from visiting his grandmother and is terrorized by an unlikely antagonist. Don’t Stare is based on the urban legend of the black eyed kids.

District Quarantine
2016. USA. 8 min. Director: Damian K. Lahey. Featuring: Tarah DeSpain.

There’s been another outbreak.

Three Skeleton Key
2017. USA. 10 min. Director: Andrew Hamer. Featuring: Dan White, Robert Fleet, Paul Rae, Greg Perrow.

Set in 1921, an American lighthouse crew on the small island of Three Skeleton Key become unnerved when a ship ignores their beacon, running aground on the reefs surrounding the island. They soon discover that something is on board the ship, and it’s not human.

2016. USA. 6 min. Director: Dagmawi Abebe. Featuring: Rob Batie.

After the recent death of his wife and daughter, Wyatt Parker does whatever it takes to see his family again.

2017. USA. 6 min. Director: Evan Younger. Featuring: Kirin McElwain.

There are lots of noises that go bump in night. Something—or someone—keeps waking a young woman up.

Lost in Buffalo City
2017. USA. 30 min. Director: Raymond Wallace. Featuring: Jeff Ronan, Terry Snead, Stuart Parks II.

Against better judgement and warnings from locals, eager reporter John Miller is investigating a series of strange apparitions and deadly encounters surrounding a long-forgotten ghost town in the dark coastal swamps of North Carolina.

2017. USA. 14 min. Director: Michael Duni. Featuring: Joseph Carlson, Montrece Hill, Paul Stober, Maria Cecile Callier.

Night terrors blend with reality in this intimate story of a man struggling to become a father.

2017. UK. 17 min. Director: Gabriel Gettman. Featuring: Samantha Dakin, George Anton, Jane Wood.

A blind feral girl, with unearthly spiritual power, is taken in at a desolate medieval monastery. Can her priestly protector’s faith save her from the dark forces drawn by her presence?


Saturday, November 11


10:30 PM


Downtown Mall : Violet Crown B

Film Info

Runtime: 99 min.

Genre: Shorts