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2022 Donors

Thank you so much to all our donors who have supported the 2022 Virginia Film Festival! We are deeply grateful for your continued trust, commitment, and investment in this mission and cannot do this work with you.


John and Amy Harris, VAFF Advisory Board Member 

Pat and Sharon Hogan, VAFF Advisory Board Member 

Diane and Tim Naughton, VAFF Advisory Board Member 



Robin D. Baliles

Anna Chytla

Beatrix Ost

Sara Risher, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Linda and Brian Stanley, VAFF Advisory Board Member

William Taylor and Jacqueline Langholtz 

Jack and Carol Weber


Marc Abraham, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Linda A. Butler

Caplin Foundation

Patti Cary and Todd Stansbury

Robert and Janis Chevalier

Jane and Tom Davis

Cap and Margaret Anne Eschenroeder 

John Fowler

Ronald E. Hohauser, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Staci and John Katsias

In Memory of James C. Miller

Marshall Persinger and Ray McKinnon, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Stephen Paul and Sue Andrea Plaskon

Ricardo Preve

Joanne Robinson

Scot Safon, VAFF Advisory Board Member 

Jane-Ashley and Peter Skinner 

Steve and Clara Smiley 

Glenn Williamson and Kurt Birusingh, VAFF Advisory Board Member


Doro Bachrach, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Doug and Judy Bari

George Beller and Kakie Brooks

C2C Film Fans

Deborah A. Cohn and Charlotte J. Patterson 

Brad and Cathy Coyle

Patty and Jon Craver

Catherine and Raphael Cronin 

Julie Lynn and Doug Smith, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Monica Markelz and Julian Connolly

Rita McClenny, VAFF Advisory Board Member 

Kris Kasselman and Bob Emmett

Marlena and Matthew Simon

David Toscano and Nancy Tramontin



Joseph Abbate and Colleen Carew 

David Addis and Rebecca Lieser 

Dr. Steve Apostoles and Dr. Renee Moss 

Olivia E. Branch 

Gordon and Marjorie Burris 

Dr. Cathy L. Campbell

Judy Campbell and Michael Henke

Bob and Maria Chapel

Barbara Conner 

Deborah Del Colliano

Lisa M. Draine

Dennis and Judith Dutterer

Liz and Bill Estep 

Benjamin Frye

Drs. Leslie and David Greenberg

Adam Jones

Jody and Helen Kielbasa 

Karen Kigin 

Anne and Tom Knasel 

David and Louisa Koplan, VAFF Advisory Board Member 

David and McCrea Kudravetz 

Allison and Derek Leach

Renee Johnson Lorton 

William and Beverly McCauley 

Stephen and Lu Ann McNabb 

Jenny Mead and Christine Shaw

Caroline and Jason Pounds

In Memory of Janet Altice Ross

Anne and Paul Sartori 

Margaret and William Schrader 

Vaden and Ginny Shields 

Karyn Gunther Smith

Margaret Smith 

Martha and Philip Stafford

Cheri Stephan and Steve Mull

Jennifer Sulzberger and Robert DuCharme 

Hank and Ann Trautmann 

Pierre-Hugues Verdier and Kristin Glover 

Paul and Ellen Wagner

Dave and Sue Wilkinson



Louisa Barrett 

Carol and Michael Beurmann 

Chris Bradley and John Penn Turner

Bevin Cetta

Susan Carlson, In Honor of Owen Larson ’26

Shilpa Davé

Andy Edmunds, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Fairborn Family

Jack Hamilton

Michael and Betsy Hancock

Michael and Margaret Hoover 

Geoff and Bree Luck

Judith A. McPeak and Douglas J. Cannato

Tim and Virginia Michel

Jessica Nickelsberg 

Dennis O’Connor 

Bonnie and Richard Oliver

Diane Ritter 

Lawrence Solum 

Richard and Susan Tremblay 

Carol and Leigh Walker 

Katherine Ward 

Barbara and Roger Williams

Tammy Wilt