37th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL Oct 30-Nov 3, 2024

37th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL October 30-November 3, 2024

2023 Individual Donors

Thank you so much to all our donors who have supported the 2023 Virginia Film Festival! We are deeply grateful for your continued trust, commitment, and investment in this mission and cannot do this work without you.

We would like to thank Mrs. Tessa G. Ader for her generous support of the 2023 Virginia Film Festival and for her support of the arts across the Grounds of UVA.

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Cary Brown and Steven Epstein

John and Amy Harris, VAFF Advisory Board Member 

Pat and Sharon Hogan, VAFF Advisory Board Member 

Diane and Tim Naughton, VAFF Advisory Board Member 


Stars Donor Level


Robin D. Baliles

Kelley MacDougall and Mike Pausic

In Memory of James Byron McRoy

Wistar Morris and Karen Moran

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John and Kate Byrne

Anna Chytla

Elizabeth Dickenson

Jason George, VAFF Advisory Board Member

John Lee Hancock, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Beatrix Ost

Sabra Purtill and Andrew Vest

Sara Risher

Joanne B. Robinson

Linda and Brian Stanley, VAFF Advisory Board Member

William Taylor and Jacqueline Langholtz

Jack and Carol Webber

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George Beller and Kakie Brooks

Linda A. Butler

Caplin Foundation

Patti Cary and Todd Stansbury

Tom and Anne Clifford

Jane and Tom Davis

Chris and Brad Eure

Temple Fennell, VAFF Advisory Board Member

David and Janna Gies

Joy and Jack Heyrman

Ron Hohauser, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Calvin Jamison, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Kris Kasselman and Bob Emmett

Staci and John Katsias

Paige McKenzie

Cameron Mowat and George Worthington

Jonathan Nguyen and Blake Sirach

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Piper III

Stephen Paul and Sue Andrea Plaskon

Ricardo Preve

Tim and Susan Richared

Scot and Rebecca Safon, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Susan and Tom Skalak

Jane-Ashley and Peter Skinner

Steve and Clara Smiley

Christine Sweeters, In Memory of James C. Miller

Kevin and Ashlynn Teng

Dick and Nora Trodden

The Dorothy and Jonathan Rintels Charitable Foundation

JP and Kristi Williamson

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Marc Abraham, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Beverly Adams, VAFF Advisory Board Member

David Addis and Rebecca Lieser

Carolyn and David Beach

W. Earle Betts, III and Nicole K. Betts

Janet and Andrew Borba, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Tom and Betsy Bloom

Jack and Wendy Brown

Dr. Elizabeth Carr and Mr. Christopher Acheson

CC Film Fans

Bob and Maria Chapel

Robert and Janis Chevalier

Patty and Jon Craver

Jocelyn Diaz, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Cap and Margaret Ann Eschenroeder

Evelyn Frazier

Ben Frye and Jeremy Stern

Nathalie Gilfoyle

Katie and Skylar Hinnant

Catherine Haena Kim, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Jacqui and John Lazo

Cager Lee and Ollie

Audrey and John Lewis

Amy Isaacs Logan and Tim Logan

Julie Lynn and Doug Smith, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Monica Markelz and Julian Connolly

Professors Sara McClellan and Bryon Gustafson

John Mitchell, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Julie and Geoff Montross

Marshall Persinger and Ray McKinnon, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Eric and Michelle Peterson

Mary Alice Blackwell, In Memory of Janet Altice Ross

Marlena and Matthew Simon

Bobbie Spellman

John and Helen Steele

Cheri Stephan and Steve Mull

Inessa Telefus and Chris Hubert

Ellen Teplitzky

David Toscano and Nancy Tramontin

Laurie Turner

Pierre-Hugues Verdier

Genevieve Villaflor, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Glenn Williamson and Kurt Birusingh, VAFF Advisory Board Member

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Joseph Abbate and Colleen Carew

Sarah Oxenham Allen

Rose and Bill Ameen

Cathryn Astin and Patti Rose

Doro Bachrach, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Dr. Raj Balkrishnan and George Simmons

Bruce and Meg Black

Olivia E. Branch

Jon and Kim Bridges

Charlotte Brody and Tom Schlesinger

Chuck and Candie Bruse

Gordon and Marjorie Burris

Catherine Caldwell

Dr. Cathy L. Campbell

Kristina J. Carroll and James Palmborg

Jim and Helen Cauthen

Charlottesville Counseling Group

Charles and Janet Cheeseman

David and Betsy Chesler

Deborah A. Cohn and Charlotte Patterson

Charlotte and Ralph Dammann

Lisa M. Draine

Grace Dusseau

Alev Erisir and John McLaren

Lucas Fairborn, In Honor of Luke Kielbasa ’27

John Fowler

Drs. Leslie and David Greenberg

Clark Harper

Amy Heinrich

June Heintz

Danny Housier

Mary Huey

Susan Jacobson and Norman Oliver

Ben and Merry Jennings

Dearing Ward Johns

Peggi Johnson

Barbara A. Jones

Tami Keaveny

Joette Stambaugh Keen, In Honor of Virginia Keen (CLAS ’27)

Jody and Helen Kielbasa

Mary and Donald Kirwan

Dr. David Kleppinger

David and Louisa Koplan, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Marilyn Elliott Kozak

Derek and Allison Leach

Benny-Ozzie Films, In Memory of Leslie Lombino

Bob and Sharon Lorish

Jenny Mays

Stephen and Lu Ann McNabb

Jenny Mead and Christine Shaw

Lindsay Meck and Ryan Farr

Mike and Stacie Merriam

Christopher and Alina Quesada Murphy

Jessica Nickelsberg

Gary Nimax and Allen Persinger

Kent Olson and Marsha Trimble

Dana and Kevin Palmer

Maria and John Paulus

Robert Pianta

Caroline and Jason Pounds

Liz Ratcliffe

Barry Ressler

Stephanie Rowley

James Sanford

Paul Sartori

Steve and Marcia Sayre

Jocelyn and Ashley Schauer

Margaret and William Schrader

Lori Shinseki and Tim Heaphy

Michele and Al Sinesky

Karen L. Skidmore

Naomi Slagowski

Jody and Bob Smith

Margo Smith and Tom Cogill

Martha Smythe

Kimberly Sokal

Martha and Philip Stafford

Annie Ward Stern, In Memory of Edward J. Stern

Pat and Gary Sullivan

Sam Uppala

Siva Vaidhyanathan

Paul and Ellen Wagner

Dave and Sue Wilkinson

Bruce Willis

Melissa Gentry Witherow

Thomas Woodcheke

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Claudia and Joe Allen

JoAnn Atwood

Pamela Bartlett and Gerry Bishop

Carol and Michael Beurmann

Gene and Lanier Bogen

Grace Bowie

Chris Bradley and John Penn Turner

Jeanine Braithwaite

Jim Campbell

Judy Campbell and Michael Henke

Elizabeth Cholewa, In Memory of Joan Peet

Andrea D. Copeland

Raphael F. and Catherine K. Cronin

Shilpa S. Davé

Sally Pecora Dunn, In memory of William W. Dunn

Stephen Farmer

Elizabeth Fawkes

Robert and Joan Forrest

Maria Gall

Cady and Bryan Garey

Mia Gardiner

Scott and Jenny Gardiner

Carol D. Gold

Delores Grisby

Neal Guma

Michael and Betsy Hancock

Vicki Hawes and Wynne Stuart

Michael and Margaret Hoover

David and McCrea Kudravetz

Abigail Maynard and Julian Carta

Judith A. McPeak and Douglas J. Cannato

Tim and Virginia Michel

Dennis O’Connor

Charlotte Pelliccia and Rick Hinton

Diane Ritter

George Sampson and Winifred Wegmann

Eric Schaffer

Tia Schurecht

Mary Kathryn Severin

Avril Somlyo

Patricia Thomas

Catherine von Storch

Jeffrey Wadlow, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Bitsy and David Waters

John Welch, In honor of Jody Kielbasa

Erica and Zach Wheat

Barbara Williams

Betsy Woodard