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Thank you so much to all our donors who have supported the 2021 Virginia Film Festival! We are deeply grateful for your continued trust, commitment, and investment in this mission and cannot do this work with you.


John and Amy Harris, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Pat and Sharon Hogan, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Diane and Tim Naughton, VAFF Advisory Board Member


Fred and Claudia Schwab

Mark Johnson, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Kelley MacDougall and Mike Pausic

Linda Stanley, VAFF Advisory Board Member


Robin Baliles, In Memory of Gerald L. Baliles

Dorothy Batten

Elizabeth Dickenson

Katherine Kane and Olin West

Wistar Morris and Karen Moran

Beatrix Ost 

Carol and Jack Weber


Beverly Adams, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Nicole and Earle Betts

Linda A. Butler

Caplin Foundation

Jane and Tom Davis, In Memory of Jim Pitts

Jocelyn Diaz, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Margaret Anne and Cap Eschenroeder

David and Janna Gies

Ron Hohauser, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Staci and John Katsias

Audrey and John Lewis

John McAllister

Marshall Persinger, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Piper III

Stephen Paul and Sue Andrea Plaskon

Gincy Carrington Plummer and Michael Plummer

Sabra Purtill and Andrew Vest

Sara Risher, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Joanne B. Robinson

Scot and Rebecca Safon, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Jane-Ashley and Peter Skinner

Steve and Clara Smiley

William Taylor and Jacqueline Langholtz

Nancy Tramontin and David Toscano


Marc Abraham, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Doug and Judi Bari

David and Carolyn Beach

Janet Graham Borba, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Deborah A. Cohn and Charlotte J. Patterson

Charles and Sara Dassance

John Fowler

Kris Kasselman and Bob Emmett

Marilyn Elliott Kozak

Jacqui and John Lazo

Derek and Allison Leach

Julie Lynn and Doug Smith, VAFF Advisory Board Member

John Mitchell, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Robert and Paige Robinson

Barbara Spellman

John and Helen Steele

Christine Sweeters, In Memory of James C. Miller

Tingroo, Cager Lee & Savina

Glenn Williamson and Kurt Birusingh, VAFF Advisory Board Member


Doro Bachrach, VAFF Advisory Board Member

George Beller and Katherine Brooks

Bruce and Meg Black

Gene and Lanier Bogen

Olivia E. Branch

Patti Cary and Todd Stansbury

Bob and Maria Chapel

Jon and Patricia Craver

Adam Jones

Jody and Helen Kielbasa

Donald and Mary Kirwan

Rita McClenny, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Matthew McLendon and Townes Coates

Steve Mull and Cheri Stephan

Jonathan Nguyen and Blake Sirach

Paul and Anne Sartori

Martha Wynne Stuart

Jennifer Sulzberger and Bob DuCharme

Laurie and Cary Turner

Sam Uppala

Jeffrey Ware



Renee and Josh Aichele

Erica Barnes and Matt Yohe

Chris Bradley and John Penn Turner

Zac Branciforte

Nora Brookfield and Jack Bocock

Diana and Melvin Burruss, Esq.

Marjorie and Gordon Burris

Dr. Cathy L. Campbell

Dr. Elizabeth Carr and Christopher Acheson

Jim and Helen Cauthen

Charlottesville Counseling Group

Nargis and Kim Cross

Shilpa Dave

Emily Dhue

Lisa Draine and Joel Schectman

Justina Duncan

Mike and Kristine Etchemendy

Elizabeth Fawkes

Robert and Joan Forrest

Darren and Kimberley Gerlach

Dr. Leslie and David Greenberg

Rusty and Sam Hellman

Michael and Maggie Hoover

Glen and Claudia Kettering

Heather Knight

David and Louisa Koplan, VAFF Advisory Board Member

Carol Lindsay

Bill and Bev McCauley

Stephen and Lu Ann McNabb

Judith A. McPeak and Douglas J. Cannato

Mark and Karyl Megaw

The Morissette Family

Dennis Joseph O’Connor

John and Maria Paulus

Margaret and Patrick Sheehan

Vaden and Ginny Shields

Karen L. Skidmore

Jody and Bob Smith

Cynthia Anne Spaulding

Annie Ward Stern

Justin Thompson

United Brokerage Services at United Bank – Nick DiGiorgio

Elizabeth Woodard