37th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL Oct 30-Nov 3, 2024

37th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL October 30-November 3, 2024

55 Steps

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When Eleanor Riese (Helena Bonham Carter) discovers that the medication she receives at St. Mary’s Psychiatric Hospital in San Francisco is harming her, she begs to have her treatment reconsidered. The doctors ignore her pleas and continue to medicate her against her will. She hires patients’ rights lawyer Colette Hughes (Hilary Swank) to take on her case. Based on a true story, Riese becomes the primary plaintiff in a 1980s California court case seeking to give short-term mental hospital patients the right to refuse anti-psychotic medications. Hughes, assisted by lawyer Mort Cohen, works tirelessly for Eleanor’s rights, all while forming an unlikely friendship.



Sunday, November 4


4:45 PM


Culbreth Theatre

Film Info

Director: Bille August.

Runtime: 115 min.

Genre: Drama

Year: 2017

Country: Germany/Belgium

Language: English

Featuring: Helena Bonham Carter, Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Tambor, Ricard Riddell, Johan Heldenbergh, Michael Culkin.