37th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL Oct 30-Nov 3, 2024

37th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL October 30-November 3, 2024


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World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award, Sundance

Heavily pregnant Itto enjoys new affluence following her marriage to Amine, though Amine’s mother does not hide her disdain for her daughter-in-law. Home alone for the day, Itto relaxes in her luxurious, gated Moroccan residence when green lightning suddenly fills the desert skies above, the harbinger of an earth-shattering supernatural event. She sets off to find her husband, and in the midst of abnormal animal behavior and colossal storms, she finds herself on a journey of self-discovery that questions formations of religion, wealth, and gender.

Writer and director Sofia Alaoui tactfully imbues Animalia with eeriness and surreality; with pointedly less grandeur and decisiveness than typical science-fiction, the film reaches towards the realm of the mystical. As Itto moves throughout an alarming physical world, she befriends a dog and a fellow Berber, Fouad, as well as encounters a spiritual and psychological metamorphosis. Alaoui ultimately delivers a powerful contemplation on the irrefutable interconnectedness of humanity through Itto’s personal and physical journey.

Introduction by Samhita Sunya (VAFF).


Sunday, October 29


2:00 PM


Violet Crown 1 & 2

Film Info

Director: Sofia Alaoui

Runtime: 91 min.

Year: 2023

Country: France, Morocco, Qatar

Language: French, Arabic, Berber

Accessibility: Subtitles

Featuring: Mehdi Dehbi, Oumaïma Barid, Fouad Oughaou, Souad Khouyi

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