Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment

Thursday, October 24
3:30 PM

Vinegar Hill Theatre
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In June 1963, director Robert Drew’s camera crew followed President John F. Kennedy and his staff as they led the nation through a period of great tension in American politics and society. Despite a recent federal ruling, Alabama Governor George Wallace threatened to deny two black students, Vivian Malone and James Hood, access to the otherwise all-white University of Alabama. The film also documents Attorney General Robert Kennedy’s attempts to advise the President on how to avoid a national crisis. This cinéma vérité documentary film uses vintage footage of key historical figures to provide an “as it happened” look at one of the most crucial standoffs in the history of the American Civil Rights Movement. Introduction by Aniko Bodroghkozy (UVA) and Andrew Rodgers (VAFF)

Vinegar Hill Theatre Virginia Film Festival