37th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL Oct 30-Nov 3, 2024

37th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL October 30-November 3, 2024


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Dopesick -- "The People vs. Purdue Pharma" - Episode 108 -- Rick and Randy’s criminal investigation now threatens Richard Sackler’s empire, activists take action against Purdue, and Finnix tries to heal his beloved community that’s been ravaged by addiction. Richard (Michael Stuhlbarg), shown. (Photo by: Gene Page/Hulu)

Dopesick weaves together multiple tales to show a broader picture of how the opioid crisis came to be. Dr. Samuel Finnix (Michael Keaton) is suspicious of a new miracle drug being pushed by a young pharmaceutical rep (Will Poulter), while a distressed Virginia mining community develops a devastating addiction. DEA agent Bridget Meyer (Rosario Dawson) is trying to fight the impending crisis from the inside. All the while, Purdue Pharma’s Richard Sackler (Michael Stuhlbarg) is looking for ways to get his new drug into as many hands as possible. Inspired by a true story, Dopesick examines how one company triggered the worst drug epidemic in American History. The limited series takes viewers to the epicenter of America’s struggle with opioid addiction in an intense ride to take down the corporate forces behind this national crisis. Discussion with showrunner Danny Strong and author Beth Macy moderated by Ted Johnson (Deadline)

This film is part of the Spotlight on Virginia Filmmaking series presented by Virginia Film Office.

This film is also part of the American Perspectives series. 

You can purchase a copy of the book by Beth Macy through the UVA Bookstore: Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company That Addicted America

Our screening of Dopesick will be preceded by a short presentation with Virginia Film Office director Andy Edmunds honoring the three winners of the 2021 Virginia Screenwriting Competition.  Over thirty years ago, the Virginia Screenwriting Competition was created to celebrate the accomplishments of Virginia writers, including past winners Vince Gilligan (Home Fries, Breaking Bad) and Megan Holley (Sunshine Cleaning), and to promote the future of filmmaking in Virginia.


Saturday, October 30


12:30 PM


The Paramount Theater

Film Info

Director: Barry Levinson

Runtime: 60 min.

Genre: Drama

Year: 2021

Country: USA

Language: English

Featuring: Michael Keaton, Peter Sarsgaard, Kaitlyn Dever, Michael Stuhlbarg.