Thursday, November 9
7:00 PM

Downtown Mall : The Paramount Theater
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A technological advance promises to reduce a person’s environmental impact and allow them to live a luxurious lifestyle with abundant resources. Downsizing is a medical procedure that miniaturizes humans to five-inch-tall versions of themselves. After much consideration, Paul and Aubrey Safranek opt for the irreversible operation and move to the miniature community of Leisureland so they can afford the lifestyle they want. They meet Ngoc Lan Tran, who was downsized by her government without her consent. A mixture of utopian science fiction, satire, and human drama, Alexander Payne’s vision offers a unique perspective on society dealing with the problems of overpopulation. Discussion with producer and VFF advisory board chair Mark Johnson, moderated by film critic Ann Hornaday (Washington Post

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Please Note: There will be metal detectors and bag checks at the front of The Paramount for this event. Please plan to arrive 30-45 minutes early.

Downtown Mall : The Paramount Theater Virginia Film Festival