Saturday, November 5
2:00 PM

Violet Crown 5
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Official Oscar© Selection—Poland

At age 84, legendary director Jerzy Skolimowski (The Deep End, Moonlighting) has directed one of his most evocative, visually accomplished, and moving films. A contemporary reimagining of Robert Bresson’s 1966 film Au Hasard Balthazar, this unconventional narrative follows a self-aware donkey named EO as it experiences the best and worst humanity has to offer. EO navigates a series of treacherous, fantastical, darkly funny, absurd, and bitter turns resulting from whims of fortune, and human fecklessness.  An unconventional and visionary look at the differences and similarities between humans and animals, our life cycles, and our lack of agency, EO is above all else daring and completely original work of cinema that demands to be seen and discussed.

“Beautifully photographed, sentimental and surreal in equal measure” -Guardian, Peter Bradshaw

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