Wednesday, October 21
10:00 AM

Virtual Screening
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Devi is a fiercely independent woman in her 60’s whose toughness, ingenuity, and boundless energy have served her well in her running her successful black market pot farm in Humboldt County, California – known as one of the last bastions of the American outlaw. Even those attributes, however, cannot prepare Devi for the ultimate disruption of capitalism to her business and world. Documentarians Filmmakers Mario FurLoni and Kate McLean deliver their first fictional film using the methods and language of observational cinema, filming in real locations during the actual harvest, making use of natural light whenever possible, and employing nimble camera work to catch remarkable moments that unveil every detail naturally. This fascinating character study and powerfully authentic emotional thriller is highlighted by standout performances by John Craven as an old flame from Devi’s commune days, and Frank Mosely and Lily Gladstone as adrift harvest workers. Discussion with director Mario Furloni, producer Laura Heberton, and actors Krisha Fairchild and Frank Mosley, moderated by Heather Sieg (Louise) to follow.

Freeland is part of the Women in Film Series supported by Virginia Commission for the Arts & National Endowment for the Arts

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