VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL | Dates to be Announced in Feb 2024

37th Annual | VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL | Dates to be Announced in Feb 2024

Kills on Wheels

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Zoli and Barba are roommates at an assisted care facility. Zoli relies on a wheelchair because of spinal problems, and Barba has cerebral palsy. They collaborate on a high-concept graphic novel about their adventures with Rupaszov, a paraplegic contract killer for a Serbian mobster. Rupaszov provides them with life lessons and depends on their ingenuity to execute his hits. The film, which features disabled actors, is crafted to recreate the perspective of someone in a wheelchair, while hand-drawn art enters seamlessly into the action.


Friday, November 10


9:15 PM


UVA : Newcomb Hall Theater

Film Info

Director: Attila Till

Runtime: 103 min.

Year: 2017

Country: Hungary

Accessibility: Subtitles

Featuring: Szabolcs Thuróczy, Zoltán Fenyvesi, Ádám Fekete, Mónika Balsai, Lídia Danis.