Light House Studio Shorts Package

Wednesday, October 20
10:00 AM

Virtual Screening
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Once again this year, the VAFF is proud to showcase the work of the students at Light House Studio in Charlottesville with a selection of short films.

  • Stressed by Max Schroeer
  • Chef Claire by Harper Willingham, Lee Kestner, Brie Moon, and Carolina Chao
  • Suburban Dads vs. Wild Animals by Solomon Goluboff-Schragger
  • Missing Camper by Derek Bravo, Geraldine Cruz Bustillo, Caylle Dominguez Chacon, Yaretzi Zamora Muñoz, Zuly Blanco Peña
  • Fishing with an Alien by Turner O’Neal
  • Principal Zombie
  • Escape from Detention by Yasha Tairov, Dylan Cosgrove, Oveyon Ford
  • The Coming of Us by  Artina Li, Jolinna Li
  • The Stolen Sax by Max Hoover
  • The Startup by  Sebastian Carr & Patrick Cassidy
  • The Will of the Woods by  Rowan Nifchessy
  • The Sitter by Dylan Duke
  • The Last DVD by Ben, Blake, Graham, Quinn
  • He Listens by  Jenny Howard
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