36th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL October 25-29, 2023

Ocean Frontiers: The Dawn of a New Era in Ocean Stewardship

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Ocean Frontiers: The Dawn of a New Era in Ocean Stewardship takes the viewer on an inspiring voyage to seaports and watersheds across the country—from the busy shipping lanes of Boston Harbor to a small fishing community in the Pacific Northwest; from America’s coral reefs in the Florida Keys to the nation’s premier seafood nursery in the Mississippi Delta. The documentary introduces an intermingling of unlikely allies: industrial shippers and whale biologists, pig farmers and wetland ecologists, sport fishers and reef snorkelers, and many more, all embarking on a new course of cooperation in the effort to sustain the sea and our ocean economies. Introduction by director Karen Anspacher-Meyer, and discussion with Laura McKay, Joe Atangan, Gwynn Crichton, and Jay Odell

Presented by The Nature Conservancy


Friday, November 6


3:30 PM


Downtown Mall : The Southern

Film Info

Director: Karen Anspacher-Meyer and Ralf Meyer

Runtime: 59 min.

Genre: Documentaries

Year: 2011

Country: USA