37th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL Oct 30-Nov 3, 2024

37th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL October 30-November 3, 2024

Short Films: Block A

Ancora (Again) Image FINAL

These eight narrative shorts explore themes of romance between couples. From newly forming relationships to those are struggling to recover from the torment of their previous love, these films delve deep into different forms of intimacy and connection.

2017. USA. 3 min. Director: Paul O’Halloran. Featuring: Sheen Mercado, Kathleen Barth.

A lonely man enduring a monochromatic life finds solace in his dreams.

One Day Home
2017. USA. 12 min. Director: Drew Denny. Featuring: Alfredo Narciso, Rebecca Louise Miller, Catherine Curtin, Frank Harts, Michelle Hurst, Larry Pine.

Shattered from the implosion of her marriage, Frida embarks on an epic shopping quest: finding the perfect mattress to launch her new life. When she curls up next to an intriguing stranger, she’s suddenly reminded that bed is more than just a place to sleep.

Ancora (Again)
2017. Italy. 15 min. Director: Lu Pulici. Featuring: Álex Moreu, Letizia Valenti.

A young girl once again confronts the journey to get back the man she loves. Their love story is not good, but they want to try again. Two different and contrasting worlds that reunite and give life to a passionate and tormented love. A sick love that will be tested by the reality that surrounds them.

This is That Night
2017. USA. 13 min. Director: Matt Braunsdorf. Featuring: Jonathan Marballi, Kris Wiener.

A fourth date couldn’t be going better, but when one of the parties points that out the self-awareness sets in and all bets are off.

Last Night in Town
2017. USA. 12 min. Director: Anja Paul. Featuring: Efrain Figueroa, Judy Nazemetz, Doug Mears, Danika Fields, Cwennen Corral.

While setting up to host a party, an elderly man is confronted by his wife about his alleged infidelity and threatens to leave him, but despite his pleas and apologies, it may be one too many things to forgive and forget.

The Roach
2017. USA. 10 min. Director: Justin O’ Neal Miller. Featuring: Benjamin Lamm, Emily Andosca, Rishik Patel, Josh Warren, Ron Ogden.

Joe receives a call from a long lost love who needs his help for one last kill.

Late Morning Séance
2017. USA. 7 min. Director: Danny Wagner.

Sure, it didn’t really happen the night before, but when it comes to the following hungover  morning, it might as well have. That means Drew doesn’t want to stick around – but she might have some unfinished business.

Birthday Cake
2017. USA. 17 min. Director: Brantly Jackson Watts. Featuring: Kristina Adler, Justice Leak, Mark Ashworth, Danielle Deadwyler, Hannah Fierman.

Set in the Deep South, Birdie marks the first anniversary of leaving her abusive lover, Donnie, with a ceremonial candle on a cake. One by one, her fellow survivors leave for the night, and Birdie is left to mourn the love she left behind with her abuser.



Thursday, November 9


3:00 PM


Downtown Mall : Vinegar Hill Theatre

Film Info

Runtime: 91 min.

Genre: Shorts