37th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL Oct 30-Nov 3, 2024

37th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL October 30-November 3, 2024

Short Films: Block D

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Families can be complicated. This series of short films gives snapshots into the messiness and the beauty of the loving bonds of family with humor, sadness, and sweetness.

2017. USA. 13 min. Director: Josh Kirkland. Featuring: Jonathan Kafoure.

Years after the end of their relationship, famous photographer Phil Fitzgerald is visited by an enigmatic woman who changes his life forever.

2017. USA. 4 min. Director: Rob Waters. Featuring: James Keegan.

Sometimes the toughest part of your day is explaining it to a loved one.

2017. USA. 21 min. Director: Grant Moore. Featuring: Nat Topping, Zakary Risinger, Eva Augustina Sinotte.

After accidentally freezing the family dog to death, Oscar attempts to make good with his soon to-be stepson by driving the family pet’s ashes across the country.

The Real Thing
2017. USA. 7 min. Director: Brandon Kelley. Featuring: Sophia Grace Gianna, Michael Torpey.

A soldier returns home to meet his daughter, who transitioned while he was on tour.

The Whole World
2016. Spain. 30 min. Director: Julián Quintanilla. Featuring: Loles León, Cándido Gómez, Julián Quintanilla, Eric Francés.

As he does every year, Julián visits his dead mother in the village cemetery. She appears to him and they make plans…more or less ‘together’: she devises them and he obeys.

Mommy Moments
2017. USA. 11 min. Director: Nora Stone. Featuring: Elizabeth Wadium, Leslie Esser-Reitano, Lily Cornwell, Caroline Leader.

Lucy observes the feminine rituals at her older sister’s baby shower with a mix of amusement and annoyance, capped by disappointment of her sister’s disdain for the handmade gift she offers. After the party, Lucy and her mother review the day and make a startling revelation about their past.

The Arrival
2016. USA. 15 min. Directors: Dawn Luebbe, Jocelyn DeBoer. Featuring: Elias Harger, Michael McMillian, Jocelyn DeBoer, Dawn Luebbe.

A little boy feels betrayed when his mother has another son and decides to give her a taste of her own medicine– by summoning another mother.


Sunday, November 12


11:30 AM


Other : PVCC Dickinson Center

Film Info

Runtime: 101 min.

Genre: Shorts