37th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL Oct 30-Nov 3, 2024

37th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL October 30-November 3, 2024

Short Films: Food for Thought

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Are You Volleyball?!
2017. Iran. 15 min. Director: Mohammad Bakhshi. Featuring: Mehdi Amiri, Esmaeil Alizadeh, Behnoud Yakhchali, Saeid Ahanj.

When a group of Arabic-speaking children arrive at an unnamed border, they have no way to communicate with the unkind English-speaking soldiers who guard the perimeter. However, a deaf and mute baby helps to initiate better communication between the two groups.

One Man’s Treasure
2018. USA. 7 min. Director: Lucky Mangione.

Though people are apt to make assumptions about others bases solely on their appearances, music and dance bring people from all backgrounds together.

2018. USA. 13 min. Director: Michael Killen.

On a Pennsylvania farm in the 1980s, animals without a purpose don’t survive. Five-year-old Beth, the youngest in a large family, makes it her mission to care for even the weakest of animals.

You Didn’t Forget
2016. Slovenia. 14 min. Director: Simon Intihar. Featuring:Marijana Brecelj, Dare Valič, Nina Ivanišin, Jan Zupančič.

An elderly woman’s day is turned upside down when she sets out to find her missing husband, who’s been struggling with memory loss.

2018. USA. 7 min. Director: Ryan Larkin. Featuring: Jose Rosete, Nancy Nazari, Shia Lev, Ayden Mekus, Parker Queenan, Sean Small.

A young girl must figure out why everyone at the dinner table is eating their soup with a fork. 

Like Dolls, I’ll Rise
2018. France. 29 min. Director: Nora Philippe. Featuring: Camille Rich, Candyce Miales, Raina Lampkins-Fielder, Maya Angelou, Nicole Sealey.

200 one-of-a-kind black dolls are combined with powerful original poetry and never-before-seen archival materials to tell a story of love, survival, and identity.

2017. USA. 9 min. Director: Ivan Kander. Featuring: Ahmad Kamal.

A married couple tries to determine whether their relationship is ready to move into its next phase: parenthood.


Saturday, November 3


10:45 AM


Vinegar Hill Theatre