37th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL Oct 30-Nov 3, 2024

37th Annual VIRGINIA FILM FESTIVAL October 30-November 3, 2024

Short Films: There Are No Words

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The Window
2018. USA. 5 min. Director: Dean Garris. Featuring: Alexander Julian III.

As an old man peers out of his window, he reflects on his life and the many memories that have passed before his eyes.

The Couch
2018. USA. 12 min. Director: Zoe Arnold. Featuring: Charlie Hoffman, Hanna Hagen, Kylie Sanborn.

Over the years, a family’s messes and memories occur on their family couch.

The Amazing Anti-Fart Formula
2018. USA. 10 min. Directors: Luke Pilgrim. Brad Kennedy. Featuring: Ryan Littmann, Erin Ownbey, Tamara Morton.

An origami-obsessed nerd with chronic flatulence attempts to cure his disorder with anti-fart pills in order to date the hottest woman in the office.

2017. India. 15 min. Director: Faraz Arif Ansari. Featuring: Jitin Gulati, Dhruv Singhal.

Though A and Z are polar opposites, an unspoken romance grows within the fast-paced Mumbai train system. Without physical touch, their movements through the trains and the synchrony with which their eyes meet fosters an inaudible intimacy between the two.

2018. USA. 9 min. Director: Kintan Chauhan. Featuring: Charlotte Harvey, Colin Carter, Samantha Chappell, Leo Cocovinis.

Sitting alone in the park, a mother remembers the moments she spent with her child through the years. She realizes that along the way, she lost herself.

2018. Bosnia and Herzegovina. 10 min. Director: Jasmin Pivić. Featuring: Haris Burina, Aldin Tucic, Rea Memic, Almir Kulacic, Ahmed Cajlakovic.

A man trying to figure out his role in a never-changing world while facing crucial life decisions.

The Dance of Amal
2018. Lebanon/Czech Republic. 8 min. Director: Rami Al Rabih. Featuring: Sarah Ulstrip, Lika Gaverish.

Forced to leave her home, Amal tells her story through oriental dance. Portraying her experiences through motion, her only amal, or “hope” in Arabic, is that someone in the audience will be able to see her pain.

One More Meal
2018. USA. 6 min. Director: Dave Perry. Featuring: Lindsay Zampach, Ryan Austin, Dan Johnson.

A chance encounter between a woman doing last minute shopping and a butcher closing up shop for the evening leads to some unexpected help, a life altering decision, and the preparation of several meals.


Sunday, November 4


4:15 PM


Violet Crown 6 & 7

Film Info

Runtime: 72 min.

Genre: Shorts