The Five Devils

Saturday, November 5
8:00 PM

Violet Crown 5
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Joanne and Jimmy live in a small, foggy village in the French alps with Vicky, their young daughter who possesses a supernatural ability to replicate any scent she discovers. With this gift, she builds a collection of scent jars, most for future reference and for replicating the smells of those she admires. However, when Jimmy’s sister Julia arrives at the family home after being released from prison, the family’s lives are quickly upended. Vicky attempts to recreate Julia’s scent – in doing so she uncovers memories of a secret, horrible disaster that occurred a decade prior. This fantastical drama offers musings on female sexuality, the complex relationship between mother and daughter, and the intrinsic nature of questioning our origins.

Introduction by Omega Ilijevich (VAFF)


Violet Crown 5 Virginia Film Festival

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