The Heiresses

Sunday, November 4
11:30 AM

Violet Crown 5
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Chela and Chiquita, together for over thirty years, find their relationship tested by financial difficulties despite both coming from wealthy Paraguayan families. As their situation worsens, they begin selling off their inherited possessions to alleviate some of their troubles. Chiquita, however, is imprisoned for fraud proving their efforts to be in vain. Alone and still burdened by debt, Chela takes an offer from her older wealthy neighbor, Piqua, to drive her to her weekly card games. Soon, her driving business expands to include the young, flirty, and complex Angy with whom Chela instantly connects. Forced out of her comfort zone, Chela embarks on a long-awaited journey of independence and self-discovery. This film was selected as Paraguay’s entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards.

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