We Believe in Dinosaurs

Sunday, October 27
10:30 AM

Vinegar Hill Theatre
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America houses countless viewpoints and the acceptable methods of expressing them are consistently called into question. This story arises from rural Kentucky, where all eyes are on a life-size model of Noah’s Ark being built to prove the accuracy of the Bible. A creationist, a former creationist, and a pro-science activist become the main characters in an examination of the controversy encompassing evolution denial and the separation of church and state. America’s relationship with science is probed and prodded in this authentic documentary. Filmed over the course of four years, Monica Long Ross and Clayton Brown maintain a commitment to presenting opinions as they are and allowing the picture to frame itself. Discussion with filmmakers Clayton Brown and Monica Long Ross, and subjects David MacMillan and Dan Phelps, moderated by Paul Jones (UVA)

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