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What is YFA?

Designed to engage youth in authentic film production, Young Filmmakers Academy (YFA) introduces students to the challenges of filmmaking. Students work in teams to write, produce, and edit short films around a common structure. After the writing, directing, filming, and editing are complete, VAFF honors our Young Filmmakers with a red carpet premiere of their films.

Under the guidance of Light House Studio teaching artists, YFA participants learn about filmmaking through classroom-based workshops. The Light House Studio team develops curriculum, works with teachers to schedule school visits, and leads lectures on different aspects of filmmaking, giving students the opportunity to learn from the experts at the only youth filmmaking studio in Virginia.


YFA Challenges

  • 2019: Invention
  • 2018: Adventure and Discovery
  • 2017: Creating Peace
  • 2016: Choices and Consequences
  • 2015: Silver Screening and Silver Linings
  • 2014: The Big Screen
  • 2013: A PROPer Film
  • 2012: Celebration
  • 2011: Young Filmmakers Academy

YFA Red Carpet Premiere Photo Albums: