Saturday, November 11
8:45 PM

Downtown Mall : Violet Crown A
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Preceded by the short films Girl Becomes Snow (7 min.) and The Light That Bends (4 min.)

In a 19th century folkloric Estonian hamlet, forlorn Liina is in danger of being forced to marry a repulsive farmer, but she is more consumed by her doomed love for her friend, Hans. A mixture of magic, black humor, and romantic love, November is the story of pagan villagers raging against bitter winter, werewolves, the plague, and evil spirits. Many farmers obtain supernatural servants called kratts, laborers forged from discarded items and animal bones, and brought to life by the devil himself. The film’s monochrome lensing accentuates both horror and deadpan comedy, and earned a cinematography prize at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Downtown Mall : Violet Crown A Virginia Film Festival