O.J.: Made in America Part 1 & 2

Thursday, November 9
4:00 PM

Downtown Mall : Violet Crown C
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The 1994 murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman not only put the spotlight on O.J. Simpson, but on the wider relationship between the police department and the African American community in Los Angeles. The story begins much earlier, however, with Simpson’s success in football and subsequent rise to fame, which seemed to transcend racial boundaries. Where other athletes used their platform to highlight racial injustice, Simpson shied away from politics. Interviews, news footage, and archival video chronicle Simpson’s rise to fame as a football star in parallel to national events, especially the Rodney King trial and subsequent riots in Los Angeles.

We will be screening O.J.: Made in America Part 3 and 4 on Friday, November 10 at 4:00 PM in Violet Crown C. There will be a moderated discussion with director Ezra Edelman after the screening of O.J.: Made in America Part 5 on Saturday, November 11 at 7:00 PM in Vinegar Hill Theatre.

This is a free, unticketed event. Please arrive fifteen to thirty minutes before the listed start time to find a seat.

Presented by James Madison’s Montpelier

Downtown Mall : Violet Crown C Virginia Film Festival info@virginiafilmfestival.org