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Why Donate?

During this difficult time riddled with uncertainty and unprecedented challenges, we believe that sharing diverse stories and engaging audiences across the Commonwealth, the nation, and the globe on important, top-of-mind topics is incredibly important. Your gift to the Virginia Film Festival this year will allow us to continue to deliver on that promise and further our mission. Our community is yearning for an opportunity to connect and celebrate after such a difficult year. Although we wish we could provide this opportunity in-person, we believe that with your support, we can deliver an excellent virtual film festival that inspires and connects, challenges and entertains - just as we’ve done for the past 32 years. We will need your help now more than ever to do so. Your gift will directly support the films and filmmakers that we feature in our program, the technologies and skills to implement a virtual festival of this scale for the first time ever, and will ensure the continued fiscal soundness of the organization, among many other examples. We are incredibly grateful to the community of supporters that have come back year after year, allowed the Festival to grow in size and scope to meet new demands and challenges, and to remain a relevant and essential cultural experience to our local community. We appreciate your consideration of continued support, in a year when we will need it the most.

Who We Are

The Virginia Film Festival, now in its third decade, is one of America’s leading regional film festivals, and one of the premiere cultural events in the Mid-Atlantic region. Each year, the VAFF attracts 27,000+ attendances over five days, combining an inspiring and diverse program of films and events with an array of remarkable guests from throughout the entertainment industry and beyond. Our program features some of the most anticipated and acclaimed films of the festival circuit as well as a wide range of features, documentaries, and shorts by filmmakers from around the world and right here in Virginia. Thanks to our home at the University of Virginia, the VAFF is known not just for its films, but also for the meaningful discussions that follow them, often featuring leading UVA academics and cultural experts. 

We strive to be a festival that matters – a cultural experience that goes far deeper than the movies we screen and that consistently and intentionally forges connections both within and between our communities, all while facilitating conversations around the most important issues of our time.

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Community Engagement

Engaging the community is an integral part of our mission, and your support allows us to maintain a robust year-round presence through education partnerships with area school systems and community participation efforts across the Commonwealth. Though these programs will look very different this year, and we, unfortunately, will not be able to deliver several of these options, your support will ensure the future existence and success of these programs that are essential to the connectivity of our local community. Our Outreach and Education programs engage thousands of lives each year, and include:

Donor Benefits

Due to the unprecedented circumstances around presenting the Virginia Film Festival this year, we are temporarily pausing our Donor Benefit Program. After careful consideration and extensive research, we realized that we would not be able to provide the same access and ticketing benefits due to the limitations of the virtual format. We have every intention of bringing back all of your favorite benefits and exclusive donor access to our program and events for the 2021 Festival. Until then we hope to continue to rely on your philanthropic support that will allow us to deliver an excellent virtual festival and continue to further our mission. To complete an online donation today, please click here.

About Your Donation

All donors of $100 or more will be publicly recognized as Festival donors, unless you instruct otherwise. All donors of $2,500 or more will be recognized as members of the University of Virginia Rotunda Society. You will receive a charitable tax receipt for the maximum allowable amount of your donation.

For more information, please contact Lizzy Ramey at 434-924-1308 or SupportVAFF@virginia.edu.